Sipping the night away

By Krisha Bartlem (
Updated: 2008-04-25 10:28

Shanghai residents have seen enough bars and lounges packing long wine lists come and go, so it was with (yet another) roll of the eyes that we plodded over to Shimen Yi Lu to check out Berlucchi.

Set atop the third floor of the stylish Villa ORO, Berlucchi can dazzle even the most hardened of the glitterati. On a Friday night, a mostly Italian, up-market group milled about the sparkling wine-inspired (because no one here would be gauche enough to call it champagne, darling) bar where pale yellow-toned hues and bubbled mosaics were offset by bar stools shaped like the tops of sparkling wine bottles.

The menu features the bar's namesake brand, starting from 48 yuan and the attentive staff are more than happy to extol its virtues to you. For those who fancy a sterner drink, the bar serves beer starting at 30 yuan and standard cocktails from 58 yuan.

While a little pretentious, Berlucchi Bar Club is worth a visit for those who like all things classy and bubbly.

Berlucchi Bar Club
Add: 82 Shimen Yi Lu
Tel: 6340-1468


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