So long pirates, Hello Anar

Updated: 2008-04-24 14:20

The recent history of this new venue proves just how fickle our city truly is. In two years, the location has mutated from Shuffle Bar to Pirates and now to the newly opened Anar.

After hearing that the current line-up is in the hands of elnomo and Kamikaze, we headed over to scope out this new contender just down the street from LOgO. Following the sounds of the beats, we made it through the Turkish cafe to the back room club. The bar staff had their routine remarkably together as they scooped fresh pomegranate seeds into the juicy "Anar Specially Recommended," a gin, vodka, pineapple and ginger ale-laden cocktail (50 yuan)-Cpleasant, but a little sweet for our hardened taste buds. We moved on to simple and well-mixed cocktails (40 yuan) and beers (20 yuan).

Although the service slacked off a little once the crowds descended, it still surpassed our Shanghai expectations. Once away from the bar, the morphing multicolored lights set in the gray brick walls gave us something to look at (besides the hip eye candy). A lounge area behind the bar, perfect for large groups, beckoned wallflowers as the coolest kids took over the tight dance floor.

Add: 129 Xingfu Lu
Tel: 6280-9326


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