Spring rain makes waterfall in suburb resort

Updated: 2008-04-24 13:56

  Days of spring rain created a waterfall in the mountains of Tanzhe Temple resort in suburb Beijing. [Photo:jinghua.cn]

Days of spring rain made Tanzhe Temple, about 300 miles from downtown Beijing, a real "Temple of Pool and Zhe Tree". The Beijing Times reported on Tuesday that the spring rain in the resort has created a splashing waterfall, wooing numerous visitors.

Shi Yaqin, who has been working in the temple for 31 years, said she has never seen such affluence of water. Even in rain-rich summer season, the flow is not so spectacular.

Located in Mentougou district of Beijing, the Tanzhe Temple was first built in Jin Dynasty (365-420) and as the saying goes "the history of Tanzhe Temple dates back to earlier than that of Beijing city."

The temple was well known for its water flows among the mountains and pagodas hidden in the forest of misty Zhe trees (three-bristle cudrania).

However, the resort experienced draught in recent years and the local government has allocated 2 million yuan for the building of a canal and reservoir.

"The project just started and unexpected rain suddenly brought so much water," said Piao Huilai, chief of the resort's management office.


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