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By Megan Zaroda (
Updated: 2008-04-22 16:21

This Chongqing hot pot chain, specializing in eel hot pot, is as authentic as it gets in Beijing-with all ingredients coming from down south.

Efficient waiters deliver mounded plates and baskets of meats and vegetables (from RMB 4-8) as your cauldron of spicy broth begins to bubble. Traditional Chongqing hot pot is known for its overbearing spiciness and numbing effects, so each hot pot (RMB 48) comes with a smaller pot of chicken broth sitting inside it, offering respite for non-spice lovers and those wanting temporary relief from the mouth-numbing burn.

As an alternative to the usual lamb (RMB 18) and beef (RMB 16), the eels (RMB 18) aren’t for the squeamish, since they’re served fresh and bloody. At least our servers cooked it for us while we looked the other way.

Chongqing Kongliang Hot Pot
Daily 24 hours.
218 Dongzhimennei Dajie, Chaoyang District


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