The joys of Joy City

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Updated: 2008-04-22 14:19

Putting your best foot forward

Onistuka Tiger products have always been worn by world champions and Olympiads, and the tiger "stripes" are synonymous with sporting triumph. Onistuka Tiger has always stood out from other casual sports brands due to its unique combination of innovation and individuality.

The leading Chinese flagship store opened inJoyCitylast December. Boasting about 80 square meters, the shop features very creative designs. Floors and walls are dark, but in-store lights highlight the product's bright colors. Both sides are comprised of shoes and clothing. New arrivals are displayed in the middle section and show off brighter colors.

Onistuka Tiger's footwear and apparel combine sports, leisure and personality. Mexico-66 is the classic style, basic and perfect for jogging. Many actors from the film, "Kill Bill," wore Onistuka Tiger footwear in the movie.

"Our customers are mainly fashionable youth earning a good salary. Footwear prices range from 600 to 1,200 yuan, apparel starts as low as 300 yuan," Wang Fang, manager of Onistuka Tiger, said, "There are two stores in Beijing with one is in Xizhimen, which offers bigger discounts. Three other branches are found inShanghai,ShenyangandChongqing," Wang said. "Compared with other sports brands, especially shoes, Oistuka Tiger has excellent fashion design and great quality, so it's a wortwhile buy." Dongwei, manager of Beijign Taikang Life Insurance Company said. He visits every time there are new arrivals.

Onistuka Tiger

Where:4F, 56,JoyCity, 131, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District

Tel: 13522761641

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