The joys of Joy City

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Updated: 2008-04-22 14:19

If you still think Xidan is just a hangout for teenagers, you are very mistaken. Joy City, opened this Feburary in Xidan, has gradually become fashionable for people in their twenties and thirties. Some international shop brands rushed into the city and, along with other local restaurants, are booming.JoyCityis just a great place for shopping and dining.

Eno-pushing a positive attitude

Eno, a creativeShanghaifashion brand, featuring cotton textures and creative designs with all kinds of surprising and funny artwork designed by artists from all overChina, opened its first store in Beijing Joy City.

This is a lifestyle company which produces clothes combining sports with street-wise fashion trends. In this way, it conveys a positive living attitude and everybody can be a designer, since the company collects designs from all over the country. Eno is not just somebody else's company, it is also your own company. In short, collaboration with others like talented Chinese designers, artists and musicians, helps Eno create fresh clothing and lifestyle products.

"It's the first store opened inJoyCityin late January. The clothes were produced inShanghaiwith limited numbers, about 20 pieces for each design," Yang Haomiao, president of the Eno store inJoyCitysaid, "But the company will produce more if a special design becomes very popular."

Eno specializes in displaying each designer's signature and a brief introduction on the design's brand card which is very special. "The second store inBeijingwill open on April 17 on the 6th floor of the Zhongyou Shopping Mall. It will be Eno's main store," Yang said.

Shi Xue, 29, operation manager of an IT company, bought an Eno t-shirt and put it on at once. "I heard about the brand from a friend and I like the design very much. It introduces you to a new lifestyle concept which combines work with fun and the cotton texture feels very comfortable on your body," he said



Tel: 5971 6233

Price: most of the cotton T-shirts cost about 160 Yuan

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