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Updated: 2008-04-22 09:08

Napoleon in Coronation Robes, oil painting by Francois Gerard.

Visitors can see several works of neo-classicism of that time, including a bust of Lise Roland, daughter of its sculptor Philippe-Laurent Roland and a set of exquisite tea service owned by Napoleon and Marie-Louise.

The exhibition concludes with the section "After 1815" that reflects Napoleon's influence on people after he was exiled to and died on Saint Helena island.

People from both museums hope the exhibition will generate Chinese interests in Napoleon and the Louvre. "The number of Chinese people ranks sixth among all visitors to the Louvre," says Henri Loyrette, director of the museum. "Louvre not only protects a cultural heritage but also serves the whole world."

Li Ji, deputy director of the Palace Museum, reveals that the Palace Museum is preparing for its exhibition at the Louvre that will display art works from the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), which include elements of Western technique and style.

Napoleon et le Louvre also inaugurated the third Croisements/Jiaoliu, an art festival which includes more than 100 visual and stage works in 18 Chinese cities. The other exhibitions are:

Artificial Nature @ Art Lab which will see artist Pauline Fondevila create an elaborate mural this month in Shanghai.

Art Design from Paris, an exhibition offering an insight into the resurgence in Parisian design over the past five years. On display are more than 60 exhibits created by some of the most innovative designers. The show will run from June 18 to July 15 in Guangzhou, and September in Shanghai.

The Image of China in French Gardens of the 18th Century on display from May to October in Shanghai.

Around Marc Riboud, a series of photographic exhibitions in which Marc Riboud selects more than 50 photos from his well-known book, 40 Years of Photography in China, and presents a panorama of the history of China from the time of Mao Zedong to today. The shows are running until May in Shanghai.

(China Daily 04/22/2008 page19)

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