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Updated: 2008-04-21 09:58

Svetlana Zotikova: Business Coordinator

As a newlywed, I love romantic bars where my husband and I can sit in a cozy corner and listen to music for lovers. One perfect spot for a sunset drink is Niche Bar. High up on the top floor of the Westin Hotel, the view is stunning and the drinks are even better. There's nothing better than watching the color of the Shanghai skyline change into the beautiful tones of a sunset while listening to jazz and sipping a whiskey coke. Later on in the evening, my husband and I might meet friends at Glamour Bar where we like to sit on their comfortable couches while watching Shanghai's intellectual scene come and go. For late night drinks we often move to Velvet Lounge where we appreciate the cocktails and a late second dinner--a fresh pizza.


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