Kaleidoscopic couture

By Halla Mohieddeen (thatsbj.com)
Updated: 2008-04-21 09:38

Beijing has always had, how shall we put it... a rather unique style. But it's not normally a place associated with exciting trends or eye-catching, avant-garde style. This may be set to change, however, as we note the arrival of ZemoElysée’s second boutique in the Nali Mall. The first store in the mall has been around for a while, providing couture garments and tasteful accessories, but the new shop leans towards pret-a-porter, and the clothing inside is quirky and stunning in equal measure.

Taking inspiration from Vivienne Westwood, French-trained designer Elysée Yang aims to create pieces which are avant-garde but with a classic cut. She succeeds, with designs that are both head-turning and incredibly flattering. Whilst some of the clothing might be a little too exciting for conventional office tastes, it strikes a chord with trendsetters who gravitate towards the fresh and bold prints, and delight in the unusual cuts and detailing. One notable example is the multi-way skirt (from RMB 480), which gains volume from the flaps and ties that can be adjusted and altered to create several different looks. Dresses are cut to flatter and accentuate the feminine form, but also retain an element of fun, as seen with the use of bright prints, and the qipao-esque robe (RMB 998) with a hem that’s cut high at the back (sounds awful, looks sensational).

The clothing is of fantastic quality, with fabrics imported from Japan, Korea and Paris, and the tailoring is top-notch. Alterations can be made if necessary, and frequent customers are rewarded with a generous VIP program offering discounts on future purchases. The boutique has only been open for a couple of months, but is already seeing steady traffic through its doors. We can only urge you to get down there quick, and see for yourself what's creating such a stir.

Zemo Elysee
Daily 11am-9pm.
001 Nali Mall, Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District
6413 2187


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