Both substance and style

Updated: 2008-04-18 14:43

From the first sip of our sultry sweet Manhattans (RMB 45) we knew that Kakadu would deliver both substance and style.

As we lingered over aperitifs, the Aussie manager cheerfully educated us about the menu's exotic down-under seasonings and meats. Ultimately, though, we eschewed the emu for fare which we could more readily judge. Though all of the mains were agreeable, the scallop pasta (RMB 75) stood out, with semi-dried tomatoes, capers and scallops in a complex cream and white wine sauce.

As we dined, we soaked up the sophisticated atmosphere: plush seating and warm candlelight fills the restaurant's intimate nooks, while the courtyard garden provides a cool counterbalance.

We can't wait for the spring, when al fresco dining options will make this an irresistible culinary destination.

Daily 10am-12am. 
8 Jianguo Zhong Lu, by Chongqing Nan Lu
5468 0118
Cost for two (excluding drinks): RMB 17


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