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By Gan Tian (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-04-18 11:31

Putting everything in order will bring you better health-from your office space to your bathroom. Here we examine your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, and offer you several principles of "where to do or put what"? Where to put the night reading light? Overhead? Wrong! It should be put in your hands. Numerous such hazardous habits exist in our daily lives. Let's go and browse them one by one.

Night reading light

Wrong: overhead

Right: in your hands

Overhead bright lights at night delays the body’s secretion of melatonin, which can ruin your night, since rising melatonin levels are an important cue for your body to prepare for sleep. Use a low-power light which can help your brain ease into a night mode, ad place it a little higher than your hands.


Wrong: in a drawer or closet with sweaters

Right: in a separate drawer or closet

Some like to just toss their undies into a drawer. Some like to roll them up and place them side by side. Some like to store them according to type ?boxer, brief, and so on. Some like to arrange them by color. Whatever. Never place your underwear in the same drawer with sweaters. The fuzzy woolen fibers will stick to your underwear making you scratch all day.

Purse problems

Wrong: on the kitchen counter

Right: in a drawer or on a chair

You want to wash your hands immediately after you arrive home. Once in the kitchen, you take your handbag or purse off your shoulder, and leave it on the kitchen counter. This is dangerous.

More than 10,000 bacteria per square inch are living on the bottom of a woman’s handbag! Yes, remember that your fancy handbag sits in buses, taxis, restaurants even public washrooms.Keep it away from the place where food is stored.

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