Call me bistro instead

By Kim-Tien Huynh (
Updated: 2008-04-16 11:13

The name of thisnewly opened venue may mislead you. After perusing the exhaustive menu, we started with a tomato soup (28 yuan) that had a homemade scent but whose acidity may irritate sensitive taste buds.

The tofu, fresh apple, celery and walnut salad with a balsamic reduction (28 yuan) and the crab salad with avocado and tomato salsa (42 yuan) were enjoyable to the palate though one less spoonful of mayonnaise would have brought out more of the flavor of the crispy vegetables. Although the grilled vegetables, fresh cherry tomatoes and pesto over angel hair pasta had only a little pesto flavor, all was forgiven when we tasted the savory and well-cooked shrimp and fresh vegetables (42 yuan). Our roasted duck with steamed asparagus and couscous (88 yuan) was tender and each bite delicately melted in our mouths.

To honor the promoted organic coffee, we tried the cappuccino (28 yuan) but the excess of milk drowned the earthy taste we expect from organic coffee. However, the black coffee did provide the sharp, woody flavor we were looking for.

Overall, we were delighted by the menu and prices and wouldn't hesitate to come back to enjoy the outdoor terrace. Though until the chef can provide the same quality during lunchtime, we shall enjoy dinner instead!

Effigie Cafe
Add: 433 Changle Lu
Tel: 5404-2273


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