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Encourage and supervise

Once the plan is ready, it still needs a human to execute it. Web site users not only record their work tasks online, but also their life tasks.

“I must memorize 20 words every day; I must run a kilomete every day; I must learn to swim this summer.” On and, users post their future tasks.“Most of us only do things half-heartedly. It is a way to waste time,” Rainy Wu, a reporter from Beijing Radio, said.

Before she registered on 21, Wu always worked this way. “I bought an exercise card for a gym, but I rarely used it. I blamed it on my busy work days, but it was just an excuse,” she said. She made a chart on the Web site to record what she will do everyday. She marks off each item as she finishes tasks.

“I can encourage myself, and others who share their experience o give me something to learn from,” she said.She has three projects: to learn Korean, to exercise 30 minutes every day and to read one book every month. “It is a long-term time management plan for me. My life changed after I started to make plans. When I wake up every morning, the lans are already in my mind. The first thing I do when I sit down at the computer is record my progress,” she said.“I think I can form good habits since I conquer tasks a piece at a time, day by day,” she said. Most of the users on these Web sites are IT, media, advertisement, education and trade workers.

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