Get a medal of "Coffee Olympics"

By Chen Qide
Updated: 2008-04-08 11:04

Lin Jinbao from Beijing was chosen as China's champion for the World Barista Championship (WBC) at the 6th China Barista Championship 2008 held last Wednesday. "

I have never been dreamed of having the honor and feel very excited," said the 26-year-old Lin, a teacher from Beijing Sculpting in Time Coffee College. He beat other 11 competitors from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou regions, who gathered yesterday to compete for the qualification on behalf of China for WBC which will be held in Denmark in June.

WBC, launched by Specialty Coffee Associations of Europe and America with competitors from 50 different countries, is called "Coffee Olympics" staged from cities to cities of different countries every year.

Each competitor stands for the highest level of coffee-making, aiming at introducing coffee fashion and culture and providing a stage for baristas, said an organizer.

The China Championship consists of three parts, including 15-minute preparation, 15-minute coffee-making and 15-minute after cleaning. The rule requires participants to make four cups of espresso, four cups of cappuccino and four cups of creative coffee in 15 minutes.

After coffee-making, the participant needs to clean the machine and the operation desk. The jury judges the quality by watching and tasting. It gives a score by his use of coffee machine and bean as well as coffee's taste, shape and creativity.

Discovered by Ethiopia shepherd more than 1400 years ago, coffee now has developed into more than 6,000 varieties. As one of the world's three major drinks, coffee is increasing by 1.5 per cent annually.

China's annual coffee & bar industry creates 23.15 billion yuan and its cafe grows at about 20 per cent annually, said the organizer.

The coffee and bar market in China is expected to consume 120,000 tons of coffee in 2012 to generate annual sales of 50 billion yuan, he said.


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