Add spring to step with spa

(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2008-04-02 08:49

When you start shedding layers of winter clothing with the arrival of spring, you may notice that your skin and scalp are shedding too. While the winter was drying your skin, spring wants to detoxify it.

You may feel dull, heavy and congested, or your skin may lose its glow and can be itchy and sensitive.

One of the ways to bring your skin back to shape this spring season is through an energetic spa treatment.

A look at the spa menu of Mandara Spa at the JW Marriott Hotel can be overwhelming.

But this season, the Spring Bliss package is recommended. It uses the benefits of plants to awaken all the senses.

The two-hour package priced at 980 yuan (US$140) combines eucalyptus foot ritual, lemongrass body scrub and aromatic massage.

The natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and lemongrass have an energizing effect on the spring skin.

The spa journey starts with an uplifting foot ritual using eucalyptus leaves and essential oils.

While sipping the jasmine tea, the therapist will carefully scrub the feet with a gentle sea salt scrub.

The next part - lemongrass body scrub - is created to help renew skin cells as it peels away dead skin.

It also helps to open pores, preparing the body for the next stage of the treatment.

Lemongrass revitalizes the body and mind and the fresh lemongrass scent is inhaled during the scrub to leave you with a feeling of inner peace.

The final step is a full-body aromatic massage using energizing Mandarin blend (mandarin, ginger and clove) designed to relax, energize, and detoxify.

Nothing uplifts the mind and body like the warming effects of Mandarin blend. Mandarin is a strengthening and soothing oil that fosters a sense of tranquility, but also has a refining action on the skin.

Both ginger and clove essential oils have a spicy and peppery aroma and are often blended with other essential oils to produce many different mixtures for many different ailments. Mandarin blend has a sparkling exotic scent with a warm provocative depth.

The exotic aromas of spices and fragrant blooms and the gentle sound of soothing music will bathe your senses and lull you into a state of relaxed bliss.

With its origins from Bali, Indonesia, Mandara Spa is present in more than 70 global luxury hotels and resorts and voted one of the world's best spas on numerous occasions by worldwide industry bodies.

Located on sixth floor of the JW Marriott Hotel, Mandara Spa offers a subtle luxurious feel that blends old Shanghai and exotic Thai elements.

Its authentic sensory experience which is a perfect city escape balances body, mind and soul in private tranquility.

Address: 6/F, JW Marriott Hotel, Tomorrow Square, 399 Nanjing Rd W.

Tel: 5359-4969 ext 6798, 6791


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