Ich bin ein Beijinger

By Chen Nan (China Daily)
Updated: 2008-04-01 16:18

Marvelous Maggie Cheung has made Beijing her new home all in the name of love. A new whirlwind romance with a young German architect has drawn her to the capital and as the spring blossoms begin to bloom, Cheung appears to be the happiest she's been in years.

Maggie Cheung has made Beijing her new home. File photos

The 43-year-old star has fallen head over heels for Ole Scheeren, who helped design CCTV's new eye-catching headquarters, and the affair with the younger man has the Hong Kong media reeling.

Cheung met Scheeren, 36, at the birthday party of Cheung's agent in Beijing last June.

The tall and handsome stranger was a partner in the prestigious architectural house Office for Metropolitan Architecture and soon after their first meeting, Cheung was seen on his arm at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks Show in London.

Recently the Hong Kong paparazzi have caught the couple shopping at Shin Kong Place near Dawanglu and taking in the sights and sounds of Beijing.

Although Cheung refuses to answer questions about her new love, it is very obvious the cinematic icon is in a very happy place, both emotionally and physically.

"I want to be happy and lighthearted. Right now I don't feel like being stuck or committed to anything full time," she says.

Cheung loves Beijing and the millionaire actress enjoys roughing it on the 2-yuan-a-ride subway, mingling anonymously in the crowd. "I love taking the new subway and walking on the street without anyone noticing me," she says beaming.

"Whenever I pass Chang'an Avenue, I can feel the city. Its history and culture, which can not be found at any corner of the world.

"And I love the people here whose personalities are straight up. They won't compliment and flatter, and the way they behave is pure. I feel I'm becoming more and more a Beijinger."

"In Beijing I feel that with anyone I am in touch with, whether they know who I am or not, they are genuine and not judging me on how I look.

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