Thai something new

By Michael Elliot (City Weekend)
Updated: 2008-04-01 11:19

The sparkling new modern design and great service make a good first impression. The menu covers all the bases and while the wine list is expensive (300 yuan minimum per bottle), it's well chosen.

Garnished betel leaves (32 yuan) were a positive start, as were the delicious Issan sausages (42 yuan). Massaman lamb curry (68 yuan) was creamy and tasty but too timidly spiced for our liking. The Pad Thai was perfectly cooked however one large prawn does not justify a ¥58 price tag, nor did the supermarket roti for 12 yuan.

Finally, a substitution of shrimp for pork in our broccoli dish (42 yuan) would have been more welcome had the crustaceans not been past due date. Overall it's pricey for what is being offered.

Add: Shop 1107-1108, Highstreet Loft, 508 Jiashan Lu
Tel: 5465-6005


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