"Crazy Sax" comes to Beijing

Updated: 2008-03-27 18:15

Solid Vodka will bring world-famous Sax Player Fred Karato aka, who is also known as "Crazy Sax" to Beijing's most upscale venue, LAN Club.

Linking the glitter and melody of the saxophone, to the rhythms of the electro beats supplied by DJ Herald, "Crazy Sax" made his name known in 2003, recording the hit "Saxo" with the famous Laurent Wolf. Two time graduate of the Concervatoire School in Paris, he uses his classical music knowledge to produce a sound that is truly his own. With his extensive live experience he will be playing a gig that is free from all musical boundaries.

More than a saxophonist player, Fred Karato is also a showman, not scared to work the dance floor with his "Mini Sax" and introduce you to a sound you've never heard before. Solid Vodka and LAN Club is glad to present "Crazy Sax" for the first set in China at LAN Club March 29th.


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