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Updated: 2008-03-27 11:14

Featuring the friendliest wait staff around and bartenders with the heaviest hands in all of Shanghai, if you've ever woken up feeling as if you had been dragged a couple of miles across the ocean floor the night before, odds are good you were at I Love Shanghai sampling their range of cocktails. There's about ten available in three general categories: ones for chicks; "I could get drunk on this;" and blindingly lethal. Standouts are "I Love Long Islands" and "Shanghai Syringe" in this last category (55rmb).

In terms of weekly events, Mondays are Filipino nights; Tuesdays are Ladies Nights -- sometimes featuring pole dancing but always featuring free drinks for the ladies until 1am. I don’t know what Wednesdays are these days. Thursdays are "International Student Night" / rock night (drink deals for students), Sundays host a mildly-lucrative-for-some poker night, and Fridays and Saturdays rotate on the seasonal whims of the bar manager.

I've often wondered how they come up with the Friday and Saturday night theme parties at ILS. I picture someone sitting in the office in the back on the bar, feet propped up on the computer desk, scratching their chin, thinking of ideas for the next weekend. Then they pop this book down from the shelf: "The Big Book of Chinese Office Party Ideas," flip to a random entry, and think to themselves, hmmm can I get a wig or a fake mustache theme in this?

Also keep an eye out for the odd "I Love Jungle" drum and bass parties, the monthly "Absinthe Annihilation" nights, and the beer pong tourneys for other good nights to head down.

This weekend ILS celebrates their two-year anniversary, a wonderful achievement for a bar that, on paper, seems like it should have shut down two months into its existence. Head on down to give it up to bar manager Jeff and the rest of the staff for doing more than their fair share to keep Shanghai out-of-control smashed week in, week out.


This weekend starting Thursday, I Love Shanghai host their two-year anniversary celebrations:

Thursday March 27 10pm-Late

"Anniversary Weekend: Headbangers Ball" The Stache, Reverend Turntables & Soccer Mom prime ILS for its 2 year anniversary with some heavy metal rarely heard in Shangers. Whips, chains, dark makeup and kinky dominatrixs run ILS with 25RMB Steinlager Draft specials all night!

Friday March 28 10pm-Super Late

"Anniversary Weekend: 2 Years of Loving Shanghai" ILS turns 2 and we bring in the local DJ allstars to help celebrate the mania! DJ Avium, Baldy Bamford, Carl Lorimer, Ekki, Ozone, Ruffian, Siesta, Slackerton & Viceroy rock the decks until the wee hours of the morning! Free entry.

Saturday March 29 8pm-Late

"Anniversary Weekend: Downtown Jackie Brown" Disco Queen DJ Sexy Paul and the Rockettes bring the grooviest disco party to ILS in honor of its 2nd birthday! 100RMB open bar from 8pm-Midnight to jumpstart the night, afros, velvet and 70's gear required!

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