Organically lifting your lifestyle

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Updated: 2008-03-17 14:26

We not only need organic foods, but the lifestyle that goes with them. Using organic substitutes, keeping a positive mood, and exercising are all ways to adopt the organic lifestyle.

Orange bath salts

Oranges contain rich Vitamin C, which can prevent freckles. Used in the bath, the skin of oranges can improve the blood circulation and prevent water loss. The fragrance of an orange can also relax and stimulate the spirit. Do not steep the skin of the fruit in overheated water for too long.

Lemon mask

A lemon and honey mask diluted with water can eliminate pigmentary sediment and soften the cuticle to make people’s skin appear brighter. Do nt smear honey on the face directly, because it will impede the skin in absorbing its nutrition. If the user is allergic, do not use this mask frequently.

Cuke mask

A cuke slices mask can absorb surplus calories and draw waste material from the pores to lighten freckles. Using the mask for a long time will reduce acne. The slices must not be too thick.

Mungbean mask

Mungbean has polysaccharide, which can provide sufficient water for people’s skin to make it become more and more resilient. You can apply mungbean powder directly. The product can be found in many supermarkets. The mixture should be three teaspoos of mungbean powder and one tablespoon of honey or pure cheese. If your skin is fragile, you should choose the powder, because the grains are small and won’t be rough on your skin. Nitrogen nutrient

Combine vegetables, the shells of broad beans, and the skins of fruits in a large amount of water. After the concoction has composted, use the upper liquid mixture with nine times the amount of water. This fertilizer can be used in the spring, during germination time.

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