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Nothing will disappoint you

The Sichuan Banshichu is one of the most popular in town. “The service is ordinary, but no one can resist the delicious Sichuan food. If you o late during the peak hours, you will have to wait,” Zhang said. She visits nearly every day during lunch break, since the Banshichu is only 10-minutes from her office.“One time, we got a table at 6 pm, but when we fiished our dinner at around 8, we saw there were still a lot of people waiting outside,” Zhang said.“The place is difficult to find, but my friends and I couldn’t pass up the chance to eat here. I remember when I came re the first time, it took us half an hour to walk the winding hutong paths and find it,” Zhang said.Koushuiji, a spicy and cold chicken dish, is the best in town. “The chicken is so juicy with spicy oils. I never haveany left over,” she said. Chuanbei Liangfen, a kind of noodles with spicy seasonings, is the second most ordered dish

Nothing on the menu will disappoint, Zhang said. “Even if you cannot stomach spicy food, don’t passp a trip to this restaurant,” She said. Her friend couldn’t eat any peppers, but still enjoyed the Suancai Tudouni, Tomato Mud with Beans, Rice Soup and other light dishe

One of the reasons this Banshichu is so popular is that the dishes are so cheap: 40 yuan per person.

Sichuan Banshichu Restaurant

Where: 5, Gongyuantoutiao, Jianguomen Nei Dajie, Chaoyang District

Tel: 6512 2277 ext 6101, 6512 2277 ext 6200

Open: 10:40am – 2 pm, 4:40 pm – 11

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