The film and coffee bar

Updated: 2008-03-14 10:41

Taikang Lu is blossoming, and it seems that quaint 'cafe-slash-bars' are all the rage.

Film attempts to distinguish itself with a cinematic motif, though the exterior signage might be the bar's most thematic element. The dining menu featured a range of tired Western snacks, so instead we studied the drink list. And what better way to marry bar and cafe sensibilities than with an Irish coffee?

We were delighted to discover that the affordable 'special coffee' (RMB 25) was made with Chivas 12 year-old whiskey. Granted, the espresso-based Irish coffee was slightly bitter, but so was the aftertaste left by the featured film. While we sipped our coffees, a graphic murder scene was being projected onto a bare white wall.

Yes, Peace Hotel is well made, but not the sort of fare that encourages heavy drinking before walking down a dark lane.

Daily 11am-11pm.
No. 14, Lane 248, Taikang Lu by Sinan Lu
6473 3989


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