Salmon satiation

By Manuela Zoninsein (
Updated: 2008-03-13 17:07

The name of the game at 66 North-so named for the latitudinal measurement of the Arctic Circle's freshwater salmon 12 hours out of Norwegian waters and onto your plate.

They've imported almost everything else as well - so 66's blonde cedar-paneled room, sterling silver settings and ambient jazz music, while well-appointed and lofty, at times feels like a 3-D advertisement for Scandinavian living. Majority-owned by Kevin Zhu, who studied in Norway, his partnership with the Norwegian Embassy permits new shipments every two days with low prices to prove it's the real, duty-free deal. The fried Norwegian salmon entree (128 yuan) sets a fat and flaky filet atop carrot puree, saute of red cabbage, onion and spinach (and not that fluorescent-pink farmed stuff). Baked deer (148 yuan) was a bit tough but the gamey, smoky meat paired nicely with a sweet selection of baked apple, red wine sauce and fruit jam.

As of yet there's no kaiping fei but the 168 yuan house South African Pinotage works wonders with the deer. Now all that’s missing is their bi-weekly, all-you-can-eat 60 kuai Sunday brunch. We just hope they'll serve salmon.

Tel: 8587-1111
Add: Room 202, 2/F, Red Avenue Plaza, B-2 East Road, Worker's Stadium


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