MC Gee visits Beijing

Updated: 2008-03-13 14:21

In its first event this month Solid Vodka brings MC Gee to Beijing's most bespoken venue LAN Club. MC Gee, a MC and producer with African roots invites the audience to experience his personal vibes and his African sound which has hit the world.

MC Gee participates in several projects as both author and singer, signs up with Serial Records in 2002 with DJ Herald and the tune "You Know" was selected for several compiles ever since ("French do it better II" among others).

MC Gee now has his own MAXI label that looks and sounds just like him - full of broad inspiration. MC Gee also made a guest vocal performance on the 2004 summer hit club remix by Vanguarde of ABBAs "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!". His maxi LP "Fall in Love" was selected to be a part of the special compilation of the Mykonos' club Spacedance.

For the Miami 2006 winter conference the maxi vinyl "VOCAL DJ" is launched, and the WMC 2007. This is just the start of a series of March events at LAN Club with Solid Vodka.

Saturday March 22nd will see uber club Ministry of Sound's Housexy party and the 29th Fred Karato aka "Crazy Sax" will bring his soulful and groovy sound to LAN Club.


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