Japanese breeze

By Jessica Wang (thatsbj.com)
Updated: 2008-03-12 11:15

Soho Shangdu is a beehive of dining establishments, but most are not that special. The latest in the bunch is Karuizawa, a Japanese eatery that serves decent meals but fails to outshine any of the other middle-of-the-line restaurants.

With only six tables, guests receive an infinite amount of attention from the wait staff. The food is certainly fresh but the teppanyaki menu selection – beef (RMB 88), chicken (RMB 38), octopus (RMB 38), and vegetable platter (RMB 38) – failed to impress. So we ordered the chive pie (RMB 32), similar to a congyoubing, and a bowl of shiguobanfan (RMB 45 for the large size) to finish the meal. Lunch set menus are a better deal with choices ranging from RMB 45-65.

We came to realize that Karuizawa is an ideal spot for a light meal to go with the sake but not fit for a ravenous feast.

Daily 10.30am-10pm.
1/F, Soho Shangdu, 8 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District
5900 1024


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