The geek shall inherit the earth

By Wang Chuyang (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-03-12 09:21

Ever been bored at work and needed a little something to keep you sane in your 5-foot by 5-foot work cell? Why not wage war with the goons from sales across the room?

There comes a time in every cube-dweller's life, when he or she has to take the law into his or her hands. Maybe it's finding o that the stooge from marketing has stolen your last pencil ... again! Or perhaps you’re tired of having your office moved repeatedly. Well, it’s time to draw a line in the low pile carpet. “No more,” you’ll cry. With a Nerf Maverick by your side, you will prevail.

Load the six foam darts into the barrel, give it a spin, and click it back into place. This is the six-shooter of the future! Lock and load. Yes, that’s right, just like the famous Robin Hood stun of splitting one arrow with another. In fact there is only one thing better for your office arsenal than owning a Nerf Maverick – owning two


Price: US $12.9

**Rubber band revenge!

Load up to 10 rubber bands at once and then accurately launch them one by one, all at once or in small bursts. Whatever the moment dictates. A lifetime warranty and some of the cheapest ammo on the planet assures you’ll always be able to respond to those lame ambushes. With a little practice, you can control both the rate of fire in full auto and the length of bursts, or you can elect to fire a single deadly sho in semi-automatic mode. You can also select the shotgun mode and have the whole magazine unload as a single “shotgun charge”Available:

Price: US $17.4

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