Taipei comes downtown

Updated: 2008-03-11 12:58

Taipei is renowned for its beef noodle soup. In fact, the city, which hosts the annual Beef Noodle Festival, has been hailed as the "World Capital of Beef Noodles". Some die-hards might make the trek, but for us, sampling this dish locally at Yolota is enough.

Here, huge servings of hot and spicy beef noodle soup, with chunks of beef, tripe and tendon (RMB 38), feature a rich broth and traces of star anise and fennel. Moreover, pre-prepared vegetable dishes, like marinated tofu and chopped beans (RMB 7 and up) can be selected from a large glass cabinet.

Although the noodle soup might differ slightly from its Taiwanese counterpart, Yolota nevertheless offers a taste of Taipei's popular food culture in a clean and contemporary cafe-like setting.

Daily 11am-11pm.
Building 2, Lane 1310 Dingxi Lu, by Xuanhua Lu
5237 9558


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