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Updated: 2008-03-11 10:03

Caroline Banx is hot in every sense of the word. As someone who got her first gig with Sundissential (a renowned Birmingham hard house party) only four months after ever placing her hands on the decks, Banxy could reasonably be called a natural-born DJ. Some, however, like the reviewer who declared “her beats are just as tight as her arse,” had no doubt about how Banx got her foot in the door as a shejay.

Sex appeal is rarely the primary consideration of club owners and event promoters looking to hire a DJ. Still, a male DJ breaking into the industry only faces the burden of perfecting his technique, while female DJs must overcome the additional challenge of squeezing into a boy’s club scene. Despite the fact that respected female radio and nightclub DJs play all over the world, shejays are statistically still a minority in the music industry. A glance at album charts, DJ competitions, and all the different magazine rankings reveals women to be mere tokens. Just run down the list of electronic shows this weekend if you don’t know what I mean.

Although this disparity is often chalked up to a lack of interest or ability in the art, a quick cruise through online networks that support aspiring and accomplished female DJs (try the UK’s or the San Francisco-based will dispel such theories. In spite of their minority status, a growing number of talented female DJs and producers have gained international recognition as artists. Women have held residencies at some of the most high-profile clubs around the world. Tokyo or LA partiers regularly catch shows headlined by female DJs.

It’s not so unheard of for shejays to heat up the decks in Beijing, either. For those that remember, German DJ Ipek blew the crowd away at Tango last March for the “I Love EU” party with her Middle Eastern-styled breaks set. More recently, Miss Yetti caused a storm at The Bank, spinning her signature smooth class of minimal-techno. In fact, up-and-coming shejays are sprouting up in our very own backyard. If you’re itching to see a sister spin, check out DJ Dirty Harry’s regular electro-house set on Thursdays at Queeressence (White Rabbit’s alternative lifestyle party) or catch Sara C’s hard-hitting drum &bass at Syndicate gigs around town.

Image and reputation play the largest part in the success of any DJ, according to Beijing promoter Marek Griffith. He’s bringing Caroline Banx to Beijing on March 14. Well-known throughout the UK party circuit and a goddess in Ibiza, Ms. Banx will headline this month’s premier event: Nation vs. Renaissance. Throughout her career, Banxy has experimented with various electronica genres. She started out playing hard house with unrelenting tempos, and was crowned “Queen of Filth” by her peers. She then moved to break beats, eventually progressing towards a more psychedelic sound, and ultimately developing her unique style of minimal-techno.

Banxy’s visit to Beijing in March will be the first of many shows in the city as she establishes her residency at Nation, Griffith’s new superclub (for which Banxy’s show is the soft launch). Electronica culture in the capital could be affected as more shejays visit and hang their shingles, which may produce an equal playing field for DJs of either sex. The scene here is young enough to accommodate it. Good looks, revealing clothing, or high heels might help a woman get noticed as a DJ, or even land her more gigs. But at the end of the night, most will agree that it’s the skills, talent, and passion for the music they play that really make a DJ hot –with or without the Y chromosome.

Caroline Banx plays at 9pm on March 14, RMB 100 (advance), Star Live (6425 5677). Also at 10pm on March 15, RMB 60 (advance), Bank (6553 1998)


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