By water and light

Updated: 2008-03-07 14:48

Unlike the earthen sepia tones many spas employ to achieve a sense of warmth, natural light floods through the two-story balcony window into the interior of Quan Spa, lending an uplifting air to a large open space.

Combined with cool purple hues, palm trees and a carefully sculpted pond (complete with fish) in the front lobby, we were immediately impressed by the spa's invigorating atmosphere. Our treatment room was similarly vivid and boasted a fish bowl beneath the head rest instead of the usual potpourri, further illustrating how the spa embraces the element of water which is included in some form in each treatment.

The therapist began by slathering our skin with a deliciously warm mixture of mango and honey (literally delicious, you could have eaten it if you like), then added sugar to make for a truly sweet body scrub. Sticky and sweet as a sugar coated candy, we slipped into a warm Jacuzzi bath full of rose petals and essential oils to wash it all away. Two walls of windows provided a spectacular view across Yu Gardens and Pudong as we sipped peppermint tea contentedly from our own private fish bowl. Next, the therapist began a relaxing Thai massage using the spa's energizing daytime oil mix (they switch to a more relaxing nighttime mix in the evening).

She expertly applied pressure point and kneading techniques to soothe our urban tensions with meticulous focus and skill. We even caught ourselves slipping off to sleep, something of a rarity for us. It was definitely a two-and-a-half hour experience we wouldn't mind repeating.

Quan Spa
Add: 159 Henan Nan Lu
Tel: 2321-8888
Cost: RMB80 for individuals, RMB1,600 for couples


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