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Updated: 2008-03-05 10:20

Below is a list of upcoming movies and music albums that may entertain fun seeking people. Go and check them out.

Happy days for Wu

Beijing-based alternative band Happy Avenue (Xingfu Dajie) has released its second album Rouge (Yanzhi) on Starsing Records. A 10-track album, the booklet with the CD features a short biography written by lead singer Wu Hongfei.

Wu, a member of the Dong ethnic minority, is a Tsinghua University graduate, and also works as a journalist and writer. She founded Happy Avenue in 1999. Joined by singer Yanzi, Rouge presents a more folksy side of the band compared to their first album three years ago.

On March 29, Happy Avenue will perform at the CD launch to be held at Beijing's Star Live.

Cultural masters recognized

The Ministry of Culture and the China Academy of Arts has announced the second list of the masters of oral and intangible heritages on Thursday in Beijing. The list includes 551 masters of folk music, dance, traditional opera and story-telling who all received certificates at the Great Hall of the People.

Among them are 66-year-old Kunqu opera artist Cai Zhengren, Peking opera actresses Li Shiji, 74, and Du Jinfang, 75, Perking opera actor Tan Yuanshou, 78, and Mei Baojiu, 73, who is the son of the master Mei Lanfang (1894-1961).

"Oral and intangible heritages pass from generation to generation through person-to-person oral teaching, therefore it is important to recognize the leading people in those fields so as to encourage and support people who promote these heritages," says Sun Jiazheng, minister of culture at the ceremony.

Last June, 226 masters including folk artists, acrobats and craftsmen were listed in the first group by the Ministry of Culture and Academy of Arts.

Last weekend, the masters in the second list gave three shows at Mei Lanfang Grand Theater, Chang'an Grand Theater and the Cultural Palace of Nationalities.

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