Juice your way to health

By Gan Tian/Wang Chuyang (Beijing Today)
Updated: 2008-02-29 16:07

If you think the city is too dry, why not get a little juicier in the New Year? Maybe you are bored by what the city has to offer juicer-wise.Here comes to the rescue and suggests some trendy new machines that will produce wonderful concoctions to tickle your taste buds.

**Magimix 14110 Le Duo

The most convenient attractive feature of this juicer is how easily and quickly it allows you to whip up a sweet fruit punch. You can prepare a tongue-tantalizing elixir in advance for a party or simply create it in minutes as your guests arrive. The blue glass design is also easy on the eyes.

Available: Amazon.co.uk

**Lemon Squeezer-Metal

If you are tired of being sweet, get sour with some lemon juice. This green monster can help you put a major squeeze on those little yellow fruits producing the most juice but no seeds or pulp! It does not get any sweeter or, in this instance, sourer. No electricity needed here. This is a hands-on machine so you can build up your muscles and appetite at the same time.

Available: amazon.com

**Penguin juicer

As Tina Turner would say, “It’s simply the best” when describing this juicer. Black and we in color and a super smooth shape make it a beauty. This new model even has a no-fingerprint hygienic coating on the stainless steel model. It is so nice to get up in the morning and make a frosty glass of apple juice without seeing your wife’s fingerprints all over the Penguin.

Available: bestjuicers.co.uk

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