A little piece of heaven

Updated: 2008-02-28 14:47

First impressions are important and the Jing Club has certainly done an amazing job. Walking in, we absorbed the candlelit stone and wood interior and coi ponds, and quickly felt as though we had discovered a calming oasis of warmth and serenity in the midst of this cold, hectic city. (Naturally, we realize that we are hardly the first to set foot across the threshold, but we like to feel special nonetheless.)

Unlike most spas which require you to: 1) shower, 2) relax, 3) shower and 4) relax again, this spa ensures that you spend as much time relaxing as you please. Speaking of showers, we loved the ones at the Jing Club, which, with engraved stone floors and overhead showers, were reminiscent of a waterfall straight out of the pages of National Geographic Traveler. Next, while sipping on a cold glass of freshly-squeezed watermelon juice, our deserving feet were exfoliated, massaged and pampered, ideal after a long day of walking ... okay, shopping.

Finally, we were the picture of contentment as we indulged in a full-body, lavender-scented oil massage and, upon leaving an hour and a half later, we almost felt the need to put in some overtime and earn back those knots, just to give us an excuse to go back. Almost.

Address: CITIC Building C 4/F
Tel: 8532-1668



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