Auld Lang Syne

(That's Shanghai)
Updated: 2008-01-31 09:52

A few weeks ago, we previewed two soon-to-open venues, ZE Bar and the Cut. If either of these have skipped under your radar, we forgive you; after all, both are located at KIC Plaza, Shui On's new lifestyle hub in the hinterland of Wujiachang, Yangpu district. ZE Bar, with its stark black and white color scheme, is likely to attract lounge lizards, while the Cut offers the adventurous a creative clubbing experience. KIC Plaza will open is stages, but these two nightspots debut in March. We'll keep you posted.

Live music fans have no doubt heard about the closure of 4Live last month. Many say that the venue suffered a lethal, and all-too-common, combination of disorganized management and lackluster promotion. We, however, attribute its demise to bad feng shui, a curse that appears to affect all those who do business in the location.

Despite the recent departure of local scene-maker Adam Williams (better known as Mr. Stokes), Bananas will continue to host some of city's best parties. Since arriving in Shanghai three and one-half years ago, Williams has packed his bags and is heading southwest: to Kunming. Partners-in-crime Kamikaze and DJ Elnomo will remain, though, and we've been assured that the trio will unite for several shows this year, both in Shanghai and around Asia.

This month, we're also waving goodbye to another nightlife veteran: bar manager, former bar owner and that's columnist, Lance Haggard. He recently accepted a position with Shenzhen's new Intercontinental Hotel, opening and overseeing a brew house which he describes as "unbelievably huge".This city will be a far duller place without him.

In happier news, we're thrilled to have another stand-up comedy promoter add Shanghai to its circuit. Sure, Chopschticks does occasionally provides belly laughs, but Punchline Comedy Club's recent show at O'Malley's was had us convulsed. Here's hoping this wasn't just a one-off show.

Speaking of staying power, Cotton's recently celebrated its second anniversary at Anting Lu. The timing couldn't have been better, with the roaring fireplace reminding us why this is one of Shanghai's favorite bars. We raise a toast to Cotton's, one of the few local bars that offers class without ever feeling stuffy.


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