New Year-aphobia

Updated: 2007-12-28 09:23

New Years is an occasion for parties, for big meals, and for no work. New Years seems to have mustered all the happiness on the planet into its name. Perhaps this is also why we say "Happy New Year!" Yet amid all the happiness, a sense of unease or even fear, ordinarily hidden deep down in the heart, also starts bubbling out in spite of ourselves. We are just getting older and older with each New Year. Vigor and wisdom are draining, and bit by bit we are moving away from the amazement of youth. Yet neither fear nor anxiety helps retain youth. Instead, a few living habits help maintain. So check them out, and have more of the good old days.

12 small tips help people retain youth

1. Laugh to your heart's content as much as you can. Laughter helps reduce pressure and improve your immune system, which makes people look 8 years younger.

2. Brush your teeth everyday and use dental floss regularly, which both help with healthy teeth. Health teeth make people appear 6.4 years younger.

3. Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Those with a blood pressure of 115/75mmHg look 2.5 years younger than those above 160/90mmHg.

4. Drive safely. Buckle the safety belt each time you drive a vehicle and keep the speed under 80km/h. This helps make you look 3.4 years younger.

5. Quit smoking and avoid passive smoking. This can take 8 years off your appearance.

6. Spare some time for exercises each day. Exercises need not be tiring. A 20 minute walk every day makes people look 5 years younger.

7. Keep learning and absorb something new each day. Speak the same language as the young people. Learning something every day makes people look 2.5 years younger.

8. Secure high quality medical care insurance and do whole body check regularly. For those contracted with chronicle diseases, proper treatment and qualification of the diseases makes people look 12 years younger than what they would without proper treatment.

9. Keep other pressures under control. Too much pressure makes people look 30 years older. If they are good at networking and manage to keep pressure under control, they will look 30 years younger.

10. Take vitamin supplements. Go to your doctor and ask for a prescription. Take a certain amount of vitamins as well as folic acid and calcium every day. This can make people look 6 years younger.

11. Take fibrin supplements. With an adequate intake of fibrin, people will look 2.5 years younger.

12. For those over 40 years old and who have coronary heart diseases, taking a small dose of aspirin makes them look 1.9 years younger. Here, please follow your doctor's advice.

Edited by: Alice Yang



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