Eat the right food to keep winter chills away

Updated: 2007-12-25 09:56

Several days ago Beijing received its first snowfall this winter. Though it didn't snow heavily, temperatures have fallen sharply since then. Beijingers and other northern Chinese have entered their coldest season of the year. The weather gets colder with each snowfall. So it's a good idea to have some foods that warm you up before it gets too cold. Here they are:

Foods to warm you up

1 Eat food that contains niacin. Niacin helps stabilize the nervous system and boost the circulatory system. It plays a significant role in expanding the capillaries, thus getting more blood to warm up the hands and feet. Foods like milk, eggs and cheese all contain a good quantity of niacin. Others abundant in niacin include animal liver, sesame, coffee and peanuts, as well as all-wheat products.

2 Vegetables and fruits. abundant in Vitamin C help people stay healthy. And in the winter, vegetables and fruits can help keep the winter chills away. Leeks, carrots and spinach are also good vegetables to eat, while fruits like peaches, apricots and papaya can keep you warm.

3 Spicy seasoning keeps cold temperatures away by boosting blood circulation. So when eating fried noodles or fried rice, add some spicy sauce; when eating soup, add pepper powder; when eating dumplings, have a bowl of spicy sour soup together.

4 Have some tonic treats during this dry and cold season. Ginseng tea, longan tea, ginger duck and sweet dumplings all help to keep the body warm.

Three don'ts

For those who are particular sensitive to the cold, pay attention to the following three don'ts:

1 Don't have cold drinks or icy dessert.
2 Don't eat raw foods. 
3 Don't stay hungry. Keep some snacks with you in case that you may be too busy to have full-portion meals.

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