Get a warm sweater

By Halla Mohieddeen (That's Beijing)
Updated: 2007-11-07 09:56

Men in Beijing often bemoan the fact that menswear options in our fair city are thin on the ground, but the latest high-end designer to arrive in the newly refurbished Oriental Plaza should put an end to this. Cerruti 1881 offers understated elegance and preppy chic. Both formalwear and more casual offerings are available in this sleek and spacious store. As you’d expect from a design house such as this, garments here do come at a cost, with suits available from RMB 17,000 and shirts starting from RMB 2,056. Quality, though, is priceless, and the cut and fit of the ready-to-wear items is impeccable.

As well as the classic look that you’d expect from the label, a younger stylish element is also present. The soft woolen sweaters (from RMB 3,000) are adorable, and appeal to a youthful clientele. There are also plenty of modern pants and T-shirts on offer, to add a casual twist to the stylish man’s wardrobe.

Cerruti 1881
Open: Daily 10am-10pm.
Location: A201C, 1/F, Oriental Plaza, Dongchang'an Jie, Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-85151861


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