Bookworms converge at concept bookstores

Updated: 2007-09-24 11:24

While some think the Internet has made e-books more popular, in fact paper ones are still going strong. The Internet has made it easy for readers to log onto to buy their favorite books and then wait for them to be delivered to their door. There are even specialty sites for book lovers to communicate online and to share their thoughts on a particular book. Some might argue there’s no point in having bookstores anymore, but the emergence of new concept bookstores is growing in major cities.

Just as television didn't replace newspapers, neither will the Internet replace books or bookstores. Instead online shopping has made buying books easier, and even helps promote books and bookstores on the Internet.

People continue to read books because it’s a relaxing thing to do and helps people slow down. Also, the process of picking out a book from a store is fun too. It's like an expedition. Even though it’s more convenient to talk on the phone, people need to meet in person regularly, so people still go to real bookstores to buy books in person.

On the one hand, new concept bookstores create a nostalgic ambiance, maintaining the atmosphere of old bookstores. On the other, they also add new things, like cafes, salons and fashion boutiques, or even have Wi-fi service available. To find out the closest concept bookstore near you, read on:


*Dukou Bookstore (Ferry bookstore)

Opened only a few months ago, Dukou Bookstore has already gained interest among Shanghai’s fashionable people.

The bookstore’s owner, Xiao Gao is an architect. She picks all the books in the store, and puts them on white shelves from Ikea. Then she complements them with black folding chairs and glass tables. Book lovers coming here to read books and magazines while sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

Most books here are about urban life, architecture and literature. Unlike most bookstores, books here are not categorized. Instead they are randomly shelved. According to Xiao, there is a bond between the reader and the book, and categorizing the books would jeopardize this relationship. For Xiao, she wants Dukou Bookstore to be a place for people of the same hobbies to talk and share.

Location: No.830 Jululu, Jing’an District
Tel: 021-62496339

* Monsoon Bookstore

Monsoon Bookstore is a chain with many stores in the city. As a leader of Shanghai’s new concept bookstores, most Monsoon Bookstores are just 5 minutes’ walk from a Starbucks store. This strategy reflects a change the way people read. People used to read to obtain knowledge, but now most people read to enjoy a leisurely life.

Drinks at Monsoon Bookstores are relatively inexpensive. They help enhance readers’ experience at the store. In terms of books, Monsoon boasts a wide selection of the latest books as well as comparatively new and cheap books. Many of the store’s locations are inside railway stations, they are also a good stop for passengers.

Location 1: Huaihai Nanlu metro station
Location 2: Shaanxilu metro station, Luwan
Location 3: Lianhuanglu metro station, Minhang
Location 4: Jingan Temple metro station, Jingan
Location 5: Huangpilu metro station, Xuhui

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