Made in Italy

(That's Beijing)
Updated: 2007-09-19 10:15

Having become an international label, 50-year-old Italian family shoe company Manas brings its leading brand, Lea Foscati, to Beijing.

All Manas shoes are guaranteed to be made in Italy, not only to ensure product quality but also to bring through the passion and personality of the Italian brand. Lea Foscati shoes range from RMB 1,280-3,580 and are designed to combine the innate Italian sense of style with comfort. For a higher-end brand, these shoes are priced at a reasonable level, especially considering that almost all Lea Foscati shoes are made with leather soles, which, as any shoe expert will tell you, is something only the top brands do.

Also available in store is their recent collection of leather handbags, which start from RMB 2,980.


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