Theme park to offer adult world to Chinese kids

Updated: 2007-08-27 11:07

Chinese children will be able to get a taste of adult working life in a theme park planned for Hangzhou city, east China's Zhejiang Province.

The Kids City, the first of its kind in China, will allow children aged five to 10 to try out jobs of their choice after it opens in October 2008.

Located in eastern Hangzhou, the indoor entertainment and education park, similar to "Kidzania" in Mexico and Japan, offers more than 50 professions, including pilot, doctor, police officer and lawyer, according to Hangzhou Youth Activity Center (HYAC), the organizer of the park.

The park will be 7:10 scale city with streets, hospitals, museums, supermarkets, schools, airports and other facilities.

Construction has begun on the indoor section.

Inside the 7,000-square-meter city, every kid would get a bank account holding special money that they can only spend in the park. They could earn more money by working in different booths or workshops. One job would take about half an hour and the whole tour would usually last five to six hours, according to HYAC.

"The interactive experience will help kids to learn about the adult life, which is good for their future career planning. They will have a lot of fun here," said Huang Jianming, chief of HYAC.

Parents are not allowed to enter the city or accompany their offspring, but they can take pictures from outside the huge glass house.

The ticket price has not been decided yet. But HYAC said it might be lower than Kidzania Tokyo's and around several hundred yuan.

With the majority of investment coming from the government, the project needs more funds from companies and organizations, according to HYAC.

The world's first Kidzania was opened in Mexico City in 1999. It has turned out to be a huge success receiving about 800,000 visitors annually. In 2006, Kidzania opened its Tokyo park in Japan, which also became an attraction to kids.

"We are confident that the Chinese version will be very successful." said Huang.


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