Quit your job to become a freeter

Updated: 2007-08-22 09:15

How many of you have ever felt bored by your current job and thought it was time for a change? Just remember you are not alone.

Here in China, there’s a group of people who call themselves as "freeters". Not only do they feel bored and think about a change, but also put their thinking into practice. These freeters quit their jobs and start living on temporary jobs or off their savings. To know find out more of what their lives are like, read on.

Mr. Li is in his early 30s and single. Most recently he was a salesperson in a foreign company and earned about 7,000 to 8,000 yuan per month. Yet a few days ago, he resigned.

According to Li, as a salesperson, he often needs to have dinners with his customers and they will drink a lot of Chinese wine. However, given such hot weather, drinking too much of this strong alcoholic beverage will put his health in great jeopardy.

So once for all, he resigned and decided to stay jobless for sometime. When asked whether he regretted quitting, Li replied, “As a salesperson, I have too much pressure at work. I just feel I need some rest. And I have confidence in myself. With my working experiences and my social network, I don’t think it will be hard for me to find a good job. And as long as I have tens of thousands of yuan in my banking account, I can stay jobless comfortably for several months,” he added.

Miss Xiaowen is also single, and in her middle 20s. While majoring in architecture at university, Xiaowen was also fascinated with photography and drawing.

After graduation, she first taught in a college for two years, but she just felt that her creativity was totally dried up by the complicated interpersonal relationships at work. So she quit and started her freeter life.

She now lives on temporary jobs, like teaching at a drawing course, or fashion and product photograph y for some ad companies or fashion magazines. When she has no work to do, she takes her cameras out, and wanders the streets and snaps whatever she thinks is interesting. According to Xiaowen, she feels quite content with her current life and her creativity also seems to be rejuvenated. Xiaowen now plans to set up her own design firm.

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