Tips before wearing a bikini

Updated: 2007-08-13 09:25

With the opening of China's economy, women are also becoming more open about showing their bodies, and they can do it with bikinis in the summer.


This swimwear is becoming popular among Chinese girls. But before wearing a bikini, there are a few things women need to know before donning a bikini.


Many women will try to lose weight before wearing a bikini. Yet fashion experts say that in order to look attractive in a bikini, the following eight things are more important than weight.


Tip 1: The color of your skin means much more than the color of the bikini you wear.


According to a survey conducted by an international fashion magazine, tanned looking skin is more attractive to men than perfect body curves on beaches. So when going to the beach, apply foundation darker than the one you use in office.


Or you can apply self-tanning products which are water-proof and can give the appearance of darker the skin. The “tan” will fade in three to seven days. Sisley’s herbal sun tanning jelly (77g, 590 yuan) and Biotherm magic sun tanning body spray (150ml, 300 yuan) are both good choices.


And for a glittering touch, add shimmering powder to your collarbone, shoulders and cleavage to make you look sexier.


Tip 2: Pay attention to little corners of your body.


Women don’t pay enough attention to their backs, elbows and knees when in the office, but you need to make up for it before setting out for a beach.


Before you go, have a hot bath. It will help soften the hard skin on your back. If you can have someone scrub your back, it works even better.


For knees and elbows, apply a polishing cream with big grains in it to exfoliate the dead skin. Biotherm Body Polishing Scrub (20ml, 30 yuan) works rather well.


Bruises can also diminish the looks of a charming lady. The way to get rid of them is to use a tube of yellowish correcting cream, apply it to the bruised area, and then cover it with some dark foundation powder.


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