Doraemon lures kids

(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2007-07-03 09:28

From July 14 to 29, Doraemon, the world-popular Japanese cartoon character will pop into children's dream world again as a Doraemon theme park opens at Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall. [Photo:]

It is hard for children to resist Doraemon, the famous fat cat-robot with a big round head and a magic pocket on his tummy.

He pulls amazing futuristic gadgets from the pocket such as the dokodemo door, which leads wherever you want to go, and the memory machine to help his lazy friend Nobita grow up to be a responsible person.

From July 14 to 29, this world-popular Japanese cartoon character will pop into children's dream world again as a Doraemon theme park opens at Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall.

Covering 4,500 square meters, the Doraemon Theme Park will present a happy atmosphere throughout the huge inflatable castles, animation background photography, cosplay show and interactive games.

The "At-Will Gate" will lead children to Doraemon's magic world and let them share the adventures with the dinosaurs, marine creatures and ETs that Doraemon and his crew Nobita, Jyian and Dorami have had in the comedy cartoon series.

Additionally, Doraemon spinoffs, including toys, clothes, stationery and DVDs, are available.

On December 1, 1969, Doraemon arrived in the world and soon became one of the most recognized faces in Japan. He was created by animators Hiroshi Fujimoto who died in 1996 and Akido Motoo.

Fujimoto initially came up with the figure after tripping on his young daughter's toy, hearing cats fight in the neighborhood and wishing he had a machine to generate a new comics concept.

In the 1970s, the Doraemon animation series was a big hit that continued through the 1980s and even into the 1990s. There are hundreds of manga volumes and cartoon TV sitcoms, and a few movies based on the stories.

Ever since its birth, this cute robotic cat has also acted as the childhood friend for many generations across the world.

"The Doraemon TV series provides a precious and happy childhood memory for me," says 27-year-old financial executive Zhang Jian. "This classic image still has the charm to touch children of today."

In the middle of July, a new feature, "Nobita's Dinosaur," will hit local cinemas. It is based on Doraemon and Nobita's prehistoric adventure to save the endangered dinosaurs. It's the first imported Doraemon movie.

Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall
Date: July 14-29, 9am - 5pm
Venue: Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall, 800 Lingling Rd
Entrance: 50 yuan


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