Ice up your world

By Gan Tian (beijing today)
Updated: 2007-06-27 10:35

Ice up your worldIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of... some ice in the summer. When the season of sweat and swelter arrives, I usually go shopping with some ice in my pockets to keep my legendary cool.

Plastic ice-cube tray

You can get these plastic ice-cube trays in any supermarket for 10 yuan. Or 8 yuan if the gods are smiling. The reason I include them here is to warn you, that if you are a man of taste, like me, you should never buy these plastic things. This applies to women of taste as well.

Available: supermarket in town
Price: 8-15 yuan

Fish-bone ice-cube tray

So much more than a mere ice-cube tray! Each space has a shiny yellow fish bone shaped thing in it. When you add water and freeze it, you get an entire fish Popsicle. However, once you've sucked all the ice off, you're left with a bone to pick. Just imagine that you are a sexy little cat, girls.

Price: US$99.9

Korner snowman tray

It works like the fish bone tray, but the snowman idea certainly feels much cooler. Of course, you should also note that the price is much more reasonable, leading me to conclude that fish are a cut above snowmen in our thrusting global market. Poor snowman.

Price: US$29.9

Ice-cream lock

Seven colors to make ice-cream. Add water, some sugar, even some juice if you want and stick the resulting mix into your fridge. Two hours later, take it out and enjoy the icy goodness. Don't these things remind you of the good old days?

Available: F/4, Huawei Shopping Center, Xidan, Xicheng
Price: 48 yuan

Halloween ice bucket

Doesn't this smile look like that same ghost that haunted you back around Halloween? There are still months to wait until next Halloween comes around, but it does't matter so long as this bucket can provide a ghostly chill or two!

Available: F/5, Huawei Shopping Center,Xidan, Xicheng
Price: 99 yuan

Red ice-cube tray

It is okay, if you choose these, at least you have some taste. They claim these ice-cube trays are made of some type of soft material that will not harm your health. At least you can just bend it and the ice cubes will pop out from the tray. What's more, the different shapes add to the interest and fun factor, it's just that these products only come in one color.

Available: No 54, Xinjiekou Nan Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 15 each

More ice buckets

These ice buckets have nice shapes and colors. One glance tells you that they will cool everything in your house. Possibly your neighbor's too. If you don't know which one to take hom just choose the purple one - it was good enough for Caesar, after all.

Available: Sone Shop, Xinjiekou Nan Dajie, Xicheng
Price: 69 yuan
                                                                 [Source: Beijing today]


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