A diet date with ice cream

Updated: 2007-06-04 09:40

A diet date with ice creamNo one can resist the temptation of ice cream in the summer. Yet many young women dare not eat the refreshing dessert for fear of putting on too much weight. But the options are better now with the emergence of low-fat ice creams, which can satisfy your cravings for ice creams, but can taste a bit bland. Here is a list of ice cream shops where you can find these low-fat ice creams.


The Italian ice cream shop Gelato sells low-fat milk ice cream and many foreigners come here for a cool treat . Coconuts flavor is most popular among customers, while hazel is also worth a try.

At Gelato diners can have a taste of each ice cream flavor before deciding which one to buy. And Gelato also posts its information on discounts on a small board hung at its front door.

Location: Aoland International Shopping Center, No. 692, Hankoulu, Huangpu District
Tel: 13761871933

La Perla

La Perla offers 24 flavors of low fat Italian ice cream and its refreshing fruit sorbets are the most popular which help cool down hot temperatures in the summer. Some recommended flavors are green tea and chocolate.

La Perla offers a 10-percent discount to those who carry a ctrip.com VIP card. And those who buy an ice cream worth over 20 yuan can have a free taste of any of La Perla's ice creams.

The shop also has a bookstore attached, offering a wide selection of imported publications and coffees.

La Perla (Changlelu Store)
Location: 325 Changle Lu
Tel: 021-54030276

Cold Stone Creamery

A diet date with ice creamThis ice cream is very popular in the United States. Cold Stone Creamery has both original ice cream and low fat cream. The signature dish is called Nutcracker with vanilla flavor.

When you enter Cold Stone Creamery, you can be easily overwhelmed by its happy atmosphere. Not only do you watch how the chefs prepared each ice cream, but also try all flavors of ice creams for free.

Here you can make their own ice creams by picking your favorite flavors of ice creams and then mixing them with seasonings like chocolate sauce and candies. Isn't it cool to be an ice cream chef?

Location: B1, Raffles City, 268 Xiyang Zhong Lu


Nicknamed as a five-star ice cream shop, Iceason claims its Italian gelatos don't contain any milk, fat or cholesterol. The best flavors are mango and Belgium chocolate, as they taste so good that you can't tell if they are low in fat or not.

But ice cream at Iceason is a bit expensive with one scoop averaging around 25 yuan each. You can try some package deals or eat a small ice cream priced at 6 yuan.

Iceason's Metro City store has outdoor seating during the day and evening.

Iceason (Metro City Store)
Location: 1/F, Metro City, No.1111, Zhangjiabanglu, Xuhui District
Tel: 021-64267155


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