300% Spanish Design

Updated: 2007-06-01 10:20

300% Spanish DesignChina is currently celebrating the Year of Spain. The exhibition 300% Spanish Design offers a selection of the best Spanish designs in the last century through, chairs, lamps and posters. Through its 300 original pieces (100 chairs, 100 lamps and 100 posters), it shows the rich Spanish contribution to the world's creative culture during the last 100 years. "With the prestigious architect and designer Juli Capella as its curator, the exhibition explores the creative potential of Spanish design.". Opening June 7th, goes on until July 9th.

"The collection presented here intends to show the ups and downs of Spanish creation with very high-level pieces, but also expresses its weaknesses, its best moments and its bad patches. It is a selection of individual pieces, of great intrinsic value because of their beauty, functionality, geographical origin, originality, daringness or efficiency. In chair design we can see a diversity of typologies and a qualification of which few
countries in the world could boast, with high-level works created by Antoni Gaudí, Josep Lluis Sert, Rafael Moneo, Oscar Tusquets, or Jorge Pensi, among many others. Our production of lamps and lighting objects started modestly, but has reached a prestigious reputation today, with distinctive features being warmth and comfort. We are an exporting country which is gaining recognition under the trademark of good design. The exhibition includes lamps by Fortuny, Tusquets and Coderch, among others.

Finally, as far as poster design is concerned, the exhibition offers a high-level overview with brilliant artistic moment reflected, which show great creative liveliness, with examples of the works of Rafael de Penagos, Ramón Casas, Renau, Alberto Corazón, America Sánchez, Enric Satué, Peret, etc.

Historically, in spite of its late industrialisation, Spain maintains a good average in design, with moments of modernity, like Modernism or the 80s boom, and darker periods such as the post-war era. This collection proves that Spain has been a part of all the "isms" of design in the century, to a greater or lesser degree, and has contributed to modernism, rationalism, functionalism, organicism, high-tech, postmodernism, minimalism, etc. It also reflects that Spain wishes to explore its creative vocation and communicate this to others, and face the 21st Century placing innovation and design quality at the forefront on an international level. This should be an extraordinary occasion to start and enriching debate with emerging Portuguese design, unveiling Spanish design and, at the same time, getting to know its rich potential."

300% Spanish Design
Date: from June 7th to July 9th
Location: Shanghai Art Museum, 325 Nanjing Xi Road
Tel: 021-63274030/63272829
Hours: Daily 9am-5pm (last entrance at 4pm)