Art exhibition for 80s generation starts

Updated: 2007-05-31 10:40

The poster of the exhibition of 1980s-born artists which started in the Shanghai Art Museum on Monday, May 28. [Photo:]
An art exhibition aimed at testing Chinese artists born in the 1980s began on Monday in the Shanghai Art Museum.

The one month exhibition is called "Infantization" or "Jelly's Times", as organizers say these young artists were just like the jelly imported from western countries in the 1980s.

After a few years' development, the taste of jelly changed, whereas the 1980s artists were affected by a mixture of culture from the east and west.

Exhibition organizers say the artists are independent and a bit anti-social, but also open-minded and somewhat selfish.

They hope through the exhibition they can find the lifestyle and creative tendencies of these young artists, and help them foster a serious attitude towards art.

The exhibition showcases 350 works from 60 artists.

Guodong (Jelly) Era
Date: from May 28 to June 26
Location: Shanghai Art Museum, 325 Nanjing Xi Lu
Tel: 021-63272829


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