Design your own T-shirt

By He Jianwei (Beijing today)
Updated: 2007-05-30 09:25

These days, clothes are mass produced.Everyone wears practically the same thing. To design your own clothes is quite difficult. You can express your "inner artist" by designing your shirt as you see fit. launched its online T-shirt design competition last month. You can design your own shirt and sell it online.

A platform for the young generation

T-shirts are not only representative of casual culture in the modern world, but also representative of creativity among young people.

"The kids refuse to wear the same thing as everyone else. They like to sho the whole world how unique they are," Zhang Yu, a spokesman, said."We organized the design competition to encourage young talents to create. It's a great platform for them to show off their creativity and rsonality," she said."It's also a grt opportunity to promote the spreading of 'T-shirt culture'in China. We hope some of the designers' T-shirts will lead this summer's fashion trends," Zhang s"We will have a reward for the most creative T-shirt. Only one person will get the prize 1,001 printings of his T-shirt,"she said.There will also be prizes in other categories. “We will gve three prizes for 'most humorous T-shirt.' We also have awards for 'best unisex T-shirt' and best use of ‘Chinese elements' - designers who combine traditional cultural elements or ancient scenery,aid.

Competition judges include Mo Ping, the chief designer at I.M.PEI & ASSOCIATES, and Luo Yan, a Chinese Hollywood producer and director of Pearl S Buck's film Pavilion of Women.

How to join

Zhang said there are two ways to participate: the Internet and or by participating "on the spot.articipants can register for the competition on "Anyone who wants can register his name on the website and downlad the T-shirt template to work on. They can design on the template and submit their work over the Internet,"she said.“Participants should upload two pictures of the T-shirt. The first is the mock-up picture, and the econd is the actual printed T-shirt," she said.Designers can also designate a price for their work to sell it on-line.

To design a T-shirt "on the spot,"participants need to attend one of ten design activities in Being colleges and universities, including Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Beijing Normal University, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Zhang said.

The company will provide a T-shirt and paint to participants at each activity.

Student participation

Last Thursday, went to the University for Science and Technology Beijing. Many students from the school participated in the contest.

Li Siyi, a freshman majoring in Digital Arts, made one T-shirt that day. "The name of my T-shirt is 'Strawberry and Worm,'" she saShe drew ten strawberries as the buttons on a telephone, and one of the sleeves of the shirt is the phone's headset. "I drew a worm crawling through the ten strawberries. I wand to express nature moving into the world of technology. When they gave me the white T-shirt, I noticed it was made of cotton. That kind of inspired my nature theme," she said.She didn't paint her T-shirt with propylene. "I brought my own markers beco their color is brighter than the more common propylene,"she said.Zhu Bin, her classmate, also painted a T-shirt. He drew some illustrations from his high school.

                                                                [Source: Beijing Today]


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