Facing the summer rays

(Beijing weekend)
Updated: 2007-05-29 10:17

Pantene sun protection shampoo and essence. For UV damaged hair. Vitamin B5 is added to restore the hair. 18 yuan
When the scorching sun unleashes its power, UV protective products become essentials for everybody. Arm yourself with knowledge of this season's new trends before investing in the best buys to keep covered this summer.

Multi-functionality is the key word for this year's protective cosmetics. Besides blocking sun damage, the best products also work as foundation, isolating cream (worn beneath make-up) and moisturizer. Biotherm and Maybelline's latest UV-protective creams are designed with pink, white, green and purple tints to cater to different complexions and make-up effects.

Many sun-proof products aimed at young people turn more fashionable. For instance, Mentholatum Sunplay Shining UV SPF30 cream has won fans by adding tiny silver powder to create a shining effect on the skin. Some brands also promote eye creams, rouges and lipsticks with sun filter for complete protection from the sun.

Unlike the greasy and thick cream of traditional UV protective products, spray and thin milk are most welcomed this season. Recommendable items include Chanel UV protective milk with SPF 45 and Clinique UV protective Isolating SPF 50 milk, both of which are designed especially for Asian women.

High-tech is another highlight of this year's sun protection cosmetics. The most recent products for sun protection contain DNA-repair enzymes encapsulated in liposome, which is able to enhance the rate of DNA repair in human skin in vivo. For instance, Lancaster Protect Essence Cream is said to have the effect of anti-oxidation.

Lancaster Essence Sunproof Cream. The first sunproof cream containing DNA-repair enzymes. 860 yuan

Vitamins that have been widely used in cosmetics also appear in the new sun protection products of many popular brands like Nivea, Lancome and Lancaster this summer. Vitamin E and vitamin C are said to help the skin avoid oxidative damage, while vitamin B3 enables cells to repair their DNA and generates energy.

Natural plant extract is another new feature of this season's sunblock. For instance, the popular Korean brand Langee has added the essence extracted from carrot and blueberry in its latest sunscreen cream, while Canamino combines the oat element with Titanium Dioxide in its sunblock, which is said to be able to greatly enhance the effect of sun protection. Extract from chrysanthemum and mesona chinensis are other new elements appearing in sunblock, such as the latest released UV Protective Spray made by Herborist.

Men also have more skincare options than previous years. Several brands have released their latest series for men's summer skin. Recommendations include Shiseido Uno men's UV protective series, which not only protect skin from sunburn, but also help to achieve a healthy, tanned effect.


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