Peking Opera inspires art

By Xu Wei (Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2007-05-29 10:05

Since 1994 artist and Peking Opera fan Zhang Tiemei has been inspired by the ancient art to paint the singers and performers in stunning, unconventional style.

The brilliant elements of Peking Opera have inspired artists and fashion designers worldwide, and Chinese artist Zhang Tiemei has been depicting the enchantment of the traditional opera since 1994.

She has created more than 100 artworks titled "Drama Life," and around 20 of them, together with gorgeous Peking Opera costumes and props are on display at Shanghai Times Square through tomorrow.

Zhang, a Peking Opera fan, does not paint intricate scenes or portraits - she is not a photographer - she captures the spirit of the art. The subjects of her paintings have faces but these have no features. They are seen from a distance - they are in motion.

Zhang hopes her works can not only capture some of the opera's drama and its rich past but also encourage people living in the concrete jungle to think about life and get connected with history.

Along with Zhang's exhibition, visitors can view dazzling Peking Opera costumes and properties such as swords and halberds.

"In recent years, traditional Chinese elements such as Peking Opera and ink-wash painting are becoming eye-catching on the international art and fashion scene," says Cathy Hau, deputy general manager of Shanghai Times Square.

"The exhibition is a tribute to stunning Chinese arts and culture. We hope today's Chinese people will understand and cherish its charm and considerable value."

Date: through May 30, 10am-10pm
Address: 1/F, 99 Huaihai Zhonglu
Admission: Free
Tel: 021-63910691