Beat the heat at the beach

Updated: 2007-05-28 09:06

As the weather becomes hotter, people seek refuge from the heat to hang out near cool waters. Going to the beach would be a good choice as it is comfortable to stand on the soft sand and enjoy the sea breeze. But living in big cities, it is difficult to find beautiful sand beaches nearby. Now Citylife will help you locate some wonderful areas you can escape to.


Jinshan City Beach

Boasting good beach volleyball stadium, the sand here is very soft and the annual Jinshan Beach Volleyball March is now on. Visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful and comfortable environment but also a brilliant game of spikes and volleys.

It's also a great opportunity to fly a kite on the beach. The sea breeze will make both your kite and your heart fly high.


1) The beach becomes very busy at dusk. If you want to meet more friends, come at this time.

2) There is a long corridor on the beach where people can rest in a shady and cool environment.

3) How to get there: From Shenzhuang to Shenfengjin Expressway. Then take the "Tingweigong" exit and turn left. Take the Jinshan Avenue and then go to Weiling Road.

Songjiangyueyuanyuan Summer Bank

Songjiangyueyuanyuan Bank is a park full of sculptures. But in the summer, what is more attractive is the sand beach at the Summer Bank. Here, people can play in the sand and water and the hot weather instantly turns to be cool!


1) It is a good place to go with children, as there are many fun things for them to try, like the "Bouncing bed" and "Children's paddling pool".

2) How to get there: Take Yan'an Elevated Road to get to A9 Expressway. Then get off at Sheshan Exit toJiasong Middle Road, to get to Linyin Avenue and then you will reach -Yueyuanyuan.


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